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See number references below

See number references below

Jerusalem Sites Overview


Summary of all the Biblical Sites and Their Locations


1. Mount of Olives


2. Bethphage 

  • Beginning of the Triumphal Entry.


3. Chapel of Ascension

  • Place from which Christ ascended to heaven and will return to in power and great glory at the end of the Great Tribulation.


4. Pater Noster Church

  • Place Christ taught the Lord’s Prayer.


5. Tombs of the Prophets

  • Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.


6. Triumphal Entry Pathway

  • The road Christ descended on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before His crucifixion on Friday.


7. Church of Dominus Flevit

  • Place Christ wept over Jerusalem on the Triumphal Entry and prophesied her future destruction.


8. Church of Mary Magdalene

  • Christ cast out seven demons from Mary, and she became a passionate follower of Christ.


9. Garden of Gethsemane – Church of All Nations


10. Tomb of Mary (mother of Jesus)


11. Kidron Valley (Valley of Jehoshaphat)

  • Place Christ will gather the nations in judgment at the end of the Tribulation Period, and their blood will flow to the depth of a horse’s bridle down toward the Dead Sea and beyond.


12. Temple Mount

  • It was enlarged by Herod the Great. It’s the size of 35 football fields (35 acres, 14 hectares).

  • Many believe the original temple was located north of the Dome of the Rock in the open plaza area.

  • Place the prophets ministered.

  • The glory of the Lord filled the temple here.

  • Place Christ ministered.

  • Place the apostles ministered.

  • Place the early church met.

  • The Antonia Fortress was located just north of the Temple Mount.


13. Dome of the Rock (not a mosque but a shrine)


14. Western Wall

  • It was part of the original wall of the Temple Mount Herod built.

  • It existed during the time of Christ.

  • It is the closest place (for a large gathering) to the original temple where the Jews pray.


15. Pool of Bethesda - St. Anne Church

  • A lame man was healed here after waiting 38 years.


16. Via Dolorosa (painful path)

  • It’s the believed path Christ took on the way to the Cross.

  • It has 14 stations.


17. Gordon’s Garden Tomb - Golgotha


18. Church of the Holy Sepulture


19. Absalom’s Tomb


20. Southern Stairs

  • Place Christ taught His disciples.

  • Likely location of Pentecost.


21. City of David


22. David’s Palace


23. Gihon Spring


24. Wall repaired by Nehemiah


25. Pool of Siloam


26. Hinnom Valley

  • Gehenna – Idea of hell and eternal burning.


27. House of Caiaphas

  • Place Peter denied Christ.

  • Place Christ was condemned before Ananias and Caiaphas the high priest.


28. Tomb of David


29. The Upper Room


30. Herod’s Palace


31. Citadel of David


Gates of Jerusalem


1. Eastern Gate (Golden Gate, Beautiful Gate)

  • Gate Christ regularly entered on His way to the temple from the Mount of Olives.

  • Peter and James healed a lame man after entering this gate.

  • Closed by Ottoman Turkish Muslims in the 1541 AD.


2. Lions Gate (Stephen’s Gate)


3. Herod’s Gate


4. Damascus Gate


5. New Gate


6. Jaffa Gate


7. Zion Gate


8. Dung Gate

Biblical Sites of Israel


Jerusalem Area


Jerusalem Overview

Jerusalem Holy Sites Overview


Antonia Fortress

Chapel of the Ascension: Ascension & Return of Christ

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

City of David Overview


Dominus Flevit Church: Triumphal Entry

Eastern Gate


Garden of Gethsemane


Garden Tomb: Resurrection of Christ


Gethsemane to Golgotha:

Christ's Path to the Cross

Hezekiah's Broad Wall


Hinnom Valley Overview


House of Caiaphas: Peter's Denial of Christ


Kidron Valley: Judgment of God


Mary's Tomb


Mount of Olives Overview


Pater Noster Church: Lord's Prayer

Pool of Bethesda & St. Anne 



Pool of Siloam

Prophecy, Proof the Bible Is True: Mount of Olives


Solomon's Temple

Temple Mount Overview

Temple Location


Temple Southern Stairs


Temple Cleansing by Jesus


Temple & the Early Church

Tomb of the Prophets


The Upper Room

Via Dolorosa


History Of Jerusalem's Walls and Gates


Western Wall & Tunnels Tour

Sea of Galilee


Sea of Galilee Overview




Calling of the Disciples


Capernaum Overview




Feeding of the 5,000


Jesus Walks on Water, Calms the Sea


Kursi: Demonic Man Healed


Magdala: Mary Magdalene


Mount of Beatitudes


Mount Arbel: The Great Commission


Sower's Cove: Parables of the Kingdom


Tabgha: Restoration of Peter

Yardenit Baptismal Site

All Other Sites


Israel Overview Tour of All Biblical Sites


Ai: Khirbet el-Maqatir 


Beer Sheba: The Patriarchs




Bethlehem Overview

Bethlehem: Church of Nativity


Bethlehem: David & the Psalms

Bethlehem: Herodian Fortress


Bethlehem: Naomi, Ruth, Boaz


Bethlehem: Shepherds' Field

Beth Shean


Beth Shean Amphitheater




Caesarea Maritima Overview


Caesarea Philippi


Cana: First Miracle of Jesus

Dan (City of Dan)


Emmaus Road 


En-Gedi: Living Waters


Exodus, Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai


Gezer: On Crossroads of the World

Gibeon - Nabi Samwil


Gideon's Spring





Hebron Overview


Inn of the Good Samaritan


Jericho Overview


Joppa (Jaffa, Yafo) Overview

Jordan River Overview

Jordan River: Crossing into the Promised Land

Jordan River Baptismal Site of Jesus (Qsar al-Yahud)

Judean Wilderness

Judean Wilderness: Testing of Jesus


Kadesh Barnea





Megiddo: Armageddon


Mount Carmel & Elijah


Mount Tabor: Transfiguration of Christ


Nazareth Overview


Nazareth: Church of Annunciation


Nazareth: Mt. Precipice

Qumran: Dead Sea Scrolls

Samaria (Sabastia)


Sepphoris (Tsipori, Zippori)




Shiloh: Center of Worship


Sodom & Gomorrah

St. George's Monastery (Wadi Qelt)


Timnah: Life of Samson

Timna Park: Tabernacle, Moses 


Valley of Elah: David & Goliath

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